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Internship Job Description

The Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) gives students a "jump start" in their chosen career fields by providing valuable, paid work experience while they are still in school. After completion of their academic and work requirements, students may be eligible for permanent employment.  At Vandenberg, students may work in the environmental department, monitoring cultural resources, natural resources, air quality, water quality, etc. Other federal sites will provide other opportunities.

Please Describe Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

  1. Strong skills demonstrated in one or more of the following areas: Math: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra  II/Trig, Pre-Calculus, Calculus; English; Social Sciences;  Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology; Foreign Language; Study Skills.
  2. Ability to effectively communicate with respect and sensitivity to the needs of first-generation and low income high school students.
  3. Must maintain good academic standing at Cal Poly (2.0 GPA minimum; 2.5 GPA or above preferred).
  4. Posses a valid California driver’s license and current auto insurance if driving to the Learning Center sites.

Required Hours/Week

16 hrs/wk 

Preferred Work Schedule

School Year:  16 hrs/wk;  Summer:  32 hrs/wk

Offers Summer Internships?  


Often Hires Interns Upon Graduation


Additional Information/Comments

Students are eligible for The Student Career Experience Program if they are:

  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a degree student (diploma, certificate, etc.) in an accredited institution.
  • At least the minimum age required by Federal, state or local laws and standards governing the employment of minors.
  • Taking at least half‐time academic or vocational or technical course load in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, 2‐year or 4‐year college or university, graduate or professional school
  • A U.S. citizen or a national (resident of American Samoa or Swains Island).

Non‐citizens may be eligible for employment if:

  1. Permitted by a Federal agency's appropriations act; and
  2. Eligible to work under U.S. Immigration laws.
    (U.S. citizenship is required for conversion to permanent employment under this program.)

For SCEP, a student must work a minimum of 16 hours each week DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR and up to 32 hours per week during summer and breaks. And they must be taking at least 6 units every term. Pay is $14‐17 per hour with benefits.

Visit USAjobs web site and search for “SCEP”, “student”, and/or “Vandenberg”

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