Student Conservation Association (SCA)

Internship Information

Internship Job Description

Student Conservation Intern.  Expense paid internships place students doing resource conservation, environmental education, cultural resources management and community development work at over 500 locations in the United States in national parks, forests and other public lands.  Internships last from 3-12 months.

Training Offered

SCA matches skills with job needs.  Some training is provided.

Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

See online internship job requirements.  Match your skills with the needs of the positions available.

Required Hours/Week

40 Hrs/Week

Flexible Hours (Evenings, Weekend)

Preferred Work Schedule:  3-12 month commitment.  3-4 weeks for leaders of high school groups.

Summer Internships


Additional Information/Comments

These are all expenses paid volunteer internship jobs.  SCA pays for travel to work site, housing and a bi-weekly stipend for food, etc.  Student loans can be deferred while working.  AmeriCorps Grants may be available to help pay for current or future education, or to pay off student loans.

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