Anthropology & Geography Internships

Students in the Ant/Geog program are expected to take the initiative in locating and arranging their own internships. The list below contains organizations that offer or have offered internships to qualified applicants in the past, but note that inclusion here is no guarantee that a position is currently available. This list may also help to give you some ideas about what sorts of organizations you wish to apply to.

As you prepare for your internship, please consider the following:

  1. Start thinking about and searching for your internship before the term in which you plan to enroll.
  2. Consider how a particular internship will fit in with and enhance your own education and interests.
  3. Be prepared to show your potential supervisor how having you as an intern will contribute to the organization.
  4. Make sure that you and your supervisor have a clear understanding in advance about what your duties will be and how you will be evaluated.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact the Ant/Geog Internship coordinator:

  • ​For 2020-2021, Dr. Andrew Fricker805-756-1150, Bldg. 47, Rm. 12P

Below are some of the internship positions available as well as placement information:

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