Concentrations and Forms - Sociology

Students may select one of the following concentrations or the individualized course of study:

Individualized Course of Study

One of two opportunities to pursue a course of study which meets a student's individual needs and interests. As their course of study, students may pursue an academic minor or create a program, with faculty approval, based upon their interests and career goals. The course of study may be specifically tailored for a career in industry, education, government, or as preparation for graduate school. When creating an individual program, it should consist of 28 units, with 16 of the 28 at the 300-400 level. Courses are selected by the student in consultation with an advising faculty member. The student must also provide a written justification for the courses and the way they constitute a cohesive, integrated course of study. The list of courses is a contract between the student and the Department.

Questions about the ICS concentration may be directed toward Dr. Sara Lopus 

Criminal Justice Concentration

Prepares students for careers in law, law enforcement, corrections, detention, probation, parole and other criminal justice agencies.

To enroll in the Criminal Justice Concentration, please email Dr. Ryan Alaniz to schedule an advising appointment.

Organizations Concentration

Students learn to apply the general principles of human behavior to the understanding of modern organizations. It prepares them for careers in business, government or non-governmental organizations.

To enroll in the Organizations Concentration, please email Dr. Joan Meyers to schedule an advising appointment.

Social Services Concentration

Provides the general principles of human social behavior and specialized professional courses to prepare for careers in the helping professions such as social work and counseling.

To enroll in the Social Services Concentration, please email Dr. Liz Johnston to schedule an advising appointment.

Other Concentration Options

With prior approval of the Social Sciences Department and the Political Science Department, students may select one of the following concentrations: Pre-Law, or Global Politics.


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