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Internship Information


Internship Job Description

ESRI is a privately-held geographic information systems (GIS) software development company.  Our summer internship program provides valuable work experience while you continue your education or prepare for life after graduation.  The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Internships are available at ESRI headquarters in Redland, California, and our reginal offices throughout the United States.  Each internship is a paid position and will be up to 12 weeks long.  Housing and living expenses are the responsibility of the intern.

Training Offered

 Interns often are able to take free software training courses in our Learning Center.

Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

Many of our interns major in computer science, GIS, geography or engineering but we also have opportunities for business, law, accounting, marketing, English and journalism majors.  The most successful interns have a strong desire to produce quality work and achieve great results.  We seek students who excel at working on individual projects as well as collaborating in a team environment.

Required Hours/Week


Flexible Hours (Evenings, Weekend)


Preferred Work Schedule

40 hours per week.

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