City of San Luis Obispo Ranger Service

Internship Information


Internship Job Description

Some of the duties an intern would be responsible to do would be to assist the Ranger Service in their efforts to care for City open space;  perform regular maintenance of trails, open spaces and mitigation areas;  patrol trails, parks and open spaces;  grant research;  assist in the preparation and presentation of environmental education lessons;  other projects and duties as assigned.

Training Offered

Training is available in all aspects.

Please Describe Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

Excellent written and verbal communication; experience working with youth;  experience teaching environmental education. and some maintenance experience.

Required Hours/Week


Offers Flexible Hours? (Evenings, Weekend)


Preferred Work Schedule

Work within the hours of 8-6 p.m., seven days a week.

Offers Summer internships?


Often Hires Interns Upon Graduation?


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