Concentrations and Forms

Students may select one of the following concentrations or the individualized course of study:

Individualized Course of Study

One of the two opportunities to pursue a course of study which meets a student's individual needs and interests. As their course of study, students may pursue an academic minor or create a program, with faculty approval, based upon their interests and career goals. The coursework may be specifically tailored for a career in industry, education, government, or as preparation for graduate school.

To enroll in the Individualized Course of Study, please email Dr. Greg Bohr to schedule an advising appointment.

Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Provides students with an understanding of human-environmental relationships, resource utilization, and human impact on the Earth. Current environmental issues are explained and evaluated in a global and historical context. Students learn the importance of sustainable land-use practices and techniques for their successful implementation. Applied and technical skills important to assessing the environment and promoting sustainability are emphasized.

To enroll in the Environmental Studies and Sustainability Concentration, please email Dr. Andrew Fricker to schedule an advising appointment.

Global Studies and International Development

Provides students with the theoretical knowledge and applied skills necessary for the study and practice of international development in cross-cultural settings. Students attain an in-depth knowledge of the social, political, economic, and ecological dimensions of international development and gain practical skills through research projects, international study, and applied internships. The concentration provides expertise and training for internationally-focused careers, including public and private development institutions, the Peace Corps, the public health field, education, and numerous other careers where cross-cultural and international understanding are essential.

To enroll in the Global Studies and International Development Concentration, please email Dr. Jim Keese to schedule an advising appointment BEFORE you initiate any forms.

Human Ecology

Students learn about the natural environment, human behavioral and cultural systems, and the complex interrelationships between the three. Major concepts and practices emphasize broad spatial and temporal perspectives. Students acquire knowledge and skills related to global and regional climate and physical geography, human evolution, cultural ecology, behavioral ecology, prehistoric and recent environmental change, indigenous cultures of the New World, methods for analyzing climate change and related human responses in the past and present.

To enroll in the Human Ecology Concentration, please email Dr. Stacey Rucas to schedule an advising appointment.


Other Concentration Options

With prior approval of the Social Sciences Department and the Political Science Department, students may select one of the following concentrations: Pre-Law, or Global Politics.


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