Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc. - Central Coast Branch

Internship Information

Internship Job Description

Technicians are generally hired for large-scale excavation projects and assist in both field and laboratory work.  Interns work side-by-side with experienced professionals.  In the field, interns excavate units, screen soil for artifactual materials, complete level records and place artifacts in labeled bags.  Lab work includes washing, sorting, cataloging and labeling recovered materials.

Training Offered

 Crew chiefs and the laboratory supervisor will work with interns to improve their excavation techniques, artifact indentifaction and sorting abilities and cataloguing skills. Projects open with an orientation session which interns should attend.  The session provides a discussion of the project archaeological site(s), goals of the excavation and covers safety issues.

Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

Interns should have background courses in archaeological field and laboratory methods.  Identification of archaeological materials is necessary to effectively screen and sort in both field and laboratory settings.  Interns should be physically capable of excavation and other somewhat strenuous laboratory work which often requires lifting heavy objects and samples.

Required Hours/Week


Preferred Work Schedule

Depends upon the overall field and laboratory schedule.  It is usually preferable that interns work in blocks of time for consistency, rather than scattered hours throughout the week.

Summer Internships


Additional Information/Comments

It should be understood that Cultural Resource Management contract work is not always guaranteed.  Project start up dates can alter and are often delayed so there needs to be some flexibility in intern schedules.



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