Decade Software Company

Internship Information

Internship Job Description

Since Decade Software Company provides a variety of products and services, the exact details of what an intern would be doing is based upon the current project workload.  Interested students should visit the website and contact Kevin Delaney for more details.

Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

Their internship program uses Fresno State students regularly because they are nearby.  Cal Poly students are more than welcome to contact Kevin to learn about the current opportunities.

Required Hours/Week


Flexible Hours (Evenings, Weekend)


Preferred Work Schedule


Summer Internships


Additional Information/Comments

Decade Software Company, LLC is a leading provider of software solutions for agencies responsible for environmental regulation and protection of public safety.  With innovative technology and experience totaling more than 20 years, their industry expertise enables them to provide services and solutions to clients across the U.S. and Canada.  They develop products that enable their clients to make better decision, allocate resources more effectively and take full advantage of the information they collect.

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