City of San Luis Obispo, GIS Division

Internship Information

Internship Job Description

Intern will collect, update and analyze various GIS data to solve a problem  Intern is expected to perform variety of work to assist other GIS staff.  Examples are data collecting with GPS, creating data using COGO tool, performing data quality control, converting data to different format, hyperlinking features to existing digital data, creating effective map and many more.

Training Offered

Latest version of ESRI GIS software, GPS equipment.

Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

Introductory GIS Class (NR318/Geog318/LA318) or equivalent knowledge.

Required Hours/Week


Flexible Hours (Evenings, Weekend) 


Preferred Work Schedule

Flexible within 8:00 - 5:00 p.m. work schedule (min 3 hrs at a time).

Summer Internships


Additional Information/Comments

Interns can work more than the hours specified.

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