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Sandra J. and Howard G. Amborn

Brandee B. and Jeffrey M. Ambrosia

Janet C. and Mark C. Anderson

Amy E. and Kenneth M. Ardouin

Debra Barrientos-Freeman

Brad Bissell

Brett A. and Judy N. Borah

David I. and Leena B. Brown

Jean L. and Vernon E. Carico

Gustaf M. Carlson

James Carroll

Gary A. Cavalier

James R. Chance and Judith Keeble Chance

Mark A. and Tere Charney

Richard L. and Susan M. Christie

Jennifer L. and Thomas A. Christo

Phyllis A. Coring

Karen P. and Paul E. Cornwell

Elaine M. and Richard H. Cuenca

Melanie M. Dietz

Bruce Eastlake

Cory A. and Katrina J. Edwards

David and Judith M. Gorcey

Rich L. and Lark P. Granger

Claudia S. and Ronald C. Grantham

Larry K. Hammond

Suzanne J. Hawker

David K. and Winnie Hu

Brenda K. and Luther B. Hughes

Marni K. and John F. Hunter

Alida Bergseid Imbrecht

Barbara C. and John P. Ingram

Susan I. Jennings

Thomas H. Jory

Madeline Journey-Lynn and Timothy S. Lynn

Mike C. Kim

Gail R. and Mark W. Kniffen

Judith A. Koerner

Eloise L. Lanini

Judith L. Lewis

Prudence E. and Roy Lovtang

Trinidad L. and Hector Marroquin

Jerome E. and Cynthia A. Mason

Patrick N. McBride

Michael R. Meadows

Douglas W. and Joan E. Menzies

Robert B. and Lanyce K. Mills

Eileen P. O'Halloran

Stefani F. Ortman

Joseph Osselburn

Dale F. and Carol L. Ouimette

Kristina C. and Pablo Paster

Kimberly S. Petersen

Audrey L. Porcella

Deborah J. Pretto-Wolf and Edward A. Wolf

Mary I. Recchia

Theresa F. Robles

Brian D. and Laura Sakamoto

Geraldine H. Sauer

Brian A. Serra

Diane K. and Ernest D. Shervem

Jane A. Shoemaker

Carl K. and Janice L. Stack

Fred Strasser

John H. and Carlie L. Svinth

Beverly A. Taylor

Thomas M. Tobin III

Calvin L. Truesdale

Jessica M. Vincent

Mary A. and William J. Vogt

Travis W. Wheat

Jessie E. Willis

William W. Wills

Shirley K. Wold

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Oracle Corporation


Benevity Community Impact Fund

Eli Lilly and Company

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