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Social Sciences Department Newsletter - 2018

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Students assist with Channel Islands excavation

Students Assist with Rescue Excavations on Channel Islands

Students from an ANT 310 Archaeological Field Methods class assisted with excavations conducted by the National Parks Service on islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. 

Read more about the excavation

$100,000 Donation to Social Science Department

Major Donation Supports New Geo-Spatial Technologies Laboratory

In early 2018, the department received a $100,000 donation from a Social Sciences graduate to create a new computer laboratory.

Read more about what the donation will support

Learn by Doing Fund

Social Sciences Learn by Doing Fund

This year, the department was able to provide funds for four student projects through the Learn by Doing Fund. 

Read more about projects supported by the Learn by Doing Fund

PG&E award-winners support Cal Poly Social Sciences Department

Department Receives $5,000 Donation from PG&E for Learn By Doing

Two award-winning Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) employees donated $5,000 to the Social Sciences Learn by Doing Fund.

Read more about what the donation will support

Student collaborators with Dr. Rucas

Student Collaboration on Maternal Competition Research  

During the winter and spring quarters of 2018, a talented group of anthropology majors embarked on an ambitious research project led by Dr. Stacey Rucas to examine maternal competition within the broader context of social media from an evolutionary perspective. ​

Read more about the collaboration

Coleen Carrigan with CLA award for achievement in scholarship

Coleen Carrigan Wins CLA Award for Early Career Achievement in Scholarship

In June, cultural anthropologist Dr. Coleen Carrigan was recognized for her outstanding academic achievements with the College of Liberal Arts award for Early Career Achievement in Scholarship. 

Read more about Carrigan and her award

Sara LopusDepartment Welcomes Two New Faculty

Meet Dr. Sara Lopus and Dr. Joan Meyers, new faculty in the Social Sciences Department  

Read more about the new faculty

Faculty Activities

Faculty Activities

Our faculty had a busy year filled with scholarly activities and achievements. 

Read more about faculty activities

Letters from the Field

Letters from the Field

Social Sciences Department alumni Andrew Byrd and Amy Krumholz talk about their post-graduate careers.  

Read more about Andrew Byrd and Amy Krumholz


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