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Our mission is to promote restorative justice in the local correctional facilities. Our goal is to heal those impacted by crime and reduce recidivism by providing programs and services to incarcerated individuals. Our hope is that addressing the needs of those who have committed crimes and the needs of the community will be a more effective deterrent for crime than the current approach of punitive justice.

The impact Restorative Partners has had in the three years since our founding is due almost uniquely to our incredible pool of dedicated volunteers. Many of these volunteers are Cal Poly students who are passionate about service work in general or who have a specific interest in criminal justice. That being said, we are always looking for more volunteers. My personal dream is to have such a high level of interest in helping our youth in custody that we have to turn potential volunteers away.

We would like to invite your students to volunteer with us. Working with minors in a locked correctional facility can be an immensely eye-opening and informative experience. Not only would students be providing a valuable service to our youth in custody, they would also benefit from a tangible educational experience to complement their academic studies. This may be especially useful for students considering careers in law and criminal justice.

  • Earn more than $6,000 during the summer. Teachers typically earn between $500 and $700 per week while teaching.
  • Gain over 500 hours of teacher-training and teaching experience with a variety of age groups.
  • Help students of all ages develop their reading skills and ability to become imaginatively absorbed in books.

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