Legal Research Internship for Hobson, Bernardino, Davis

Internship Information

  • Contact: Kenneth J. Melrose, Associate Attorney
  • 444 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, California 90071
  • Phone:  775-934-4491
  • Fax: 805-541-5632

Internship Job Description

Our law firm provides litigation services in a variety of legal fields. The intern will assist in the preparation of a healthcare-related multi-district lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court. This position will be research-intensive, focusing on review of scientific research, related litigation and various reports from state and federal agencies. This case is set to be filed in early November and the intern will acquire a solid understanding of civil litigation and case preparation in the weeks leading up to its filing. As the case proceeds the intern will participate in the review and research of motions and other pretrial documents.

Training Offered

  • Orientation as to legal-research skills.
  • Overview of court systems, pleadings and drafting of legal documents.
  • Opportunity to work with skilled attorneys in practice for the last 30 years.

Required Experience, Knowledge, Other Requirements

  • Must pass interview screening, must be disciplined, focused, able to learn new skills and professional; able to work with or without oversight.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and writing abilities.
  • Ability to analyze and extrapolate data and concepts from scientific and legal documents.
  • Must be a fan of Lincoln Street Deli, Gus’s or High Street Deli.

Flexible Hours (Evenings, Weekends) and Work Schedule

The hours of this internship are flexible, and the position is remote. All you need is the ability to diligently respond to emails and calls and a laptop with an internet connection. An initial interview and periodic in-person meetings with the Associate Attorney will take place at one of the above excellent delicatessens.


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