Stacey Rucas

Stacey Rucas


Contact Information

Courses taught

  • Biological Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • ANG Research Design and Methods
  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Professional Preparation for Anthropology and Geography
  • Indigenous South Americans

Research Interests

Human evolutionary ecology, life history theory, medical anthropology & behavioral ecology of sleep, women’s social dynamics, characteristics of social networks, coalitions and partnerships, life-history characteristics of resource competition and cooperation, cultural evolutionary ecology.



Invited Referred Book Chapters:
·       Miller, A and Rucas, S.L. 2017. Social aggression, sleep, and wellbeing among Sidama Women of rural southwestern Ethiopia. Oxford Handbook of Women and Competition. Ed. Maryanne L. Fisher. 413-434. New York. Oxford University Press
·       Rucas, S.L.  2017.  Cooperation drives competition among Tsimane Women of the Bolivian Amazon.  Oxford Handbook of Women and Competition. Ed. Maryanne L. Fisher. 107-132.  New York. Oxford University Press  
Referred Journal Articles:
·       Rucas, S.L. and Miller, A.  2013.  Sleep and risk-taking propensity in life history and evolutionary perspectives.  Structure and Dynamics: eJournal of Anthropological and Related Sciences.  UC Press.  6(3): 1-19.
·       Rucas, S.L. and Miller, A.  2013.  Locus of control and sleep in evolutionary perspective. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.  7(2): 79-96.
·       Miller, A. and Rucas, S.L.  2012.  Sleep-wake state tradeoffs, impulsivity and life-history theory.  Evolutionary Psychology.  10(2): 173-186.
·       Rucas, S.L., M. Gurven H. Kaplan, J. Winking.  2012.  Social aggression and resource conflict across the female life-course in the Bolivian Amazon.  Aggressive Behavior.  38(3):  194-207.
·       Rucas, S.L., M. Gurven H. Kaplan, J. Winking.  2010.  The Social Strategy Game:  Resource competition within female social networks among small-scale forager-horticulturalists.  Human Nature 21(1): 1-18.
·       Winking, J., Kaplan, H., Gurven, M., Rucas, S.L.  2007.  Why do men marry and why do they stray.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B:  Biological Sciences.  274.  1643-1649.
·       Rucas, S.L., M. Gurven, H. Kaplan, J. Winking, S. Gangestad and M. Crespo.  2006.  Female intrasexual competition and reputational effects on attractiveness among the Tsimane of Bolivia.  Evolution and Human Behavior.   21(1): 40-52.
Encyclopedia Entries
·       Rucas, S.L. 2018.  Current versus future reproduction trade-offs.  Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences.  Springer International.  Springer Nature.


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