Sara Lopus

Sara Lopus


Associate Professor


  • Population studies 
  • Marriage, parenthood, and families
  • Food and water security
  • Quantitative methods
  • Sub-Saharan Africa 

Contact Information



  • PhD Demography, UC Berkeley
  • MS International Agricultural Development, UC Davis
  • BS Environmental Sciences, UC Berkeley 
  • Sara Lopus CV


Courses Taught

  • SOC 308: Sociology of the Environment
  • SOC 321: Migration
  • SOC 355: Quantitative Research Methods
  • SOC 431: World Population: Processes and Problems
  • SOC 464: Professional Development for Sociologists 


Selected Publications

  • Nupur Joshi, Sara Lopus, Corrie Hannah, et al. (2022) "COVID-19 lockdowns: Employment disruptions, water access, and hygiene practices in informal settlements in Nairobi." Social Science & Medicine, 308.
  • Zack Guido, Sara Lopus, Kurt Waldman, et al. (2021) "Perceived links between climate change and weather forecast accuracy: New barriers to tools for agricultural decision-making." Climatic Change, 168(9).
  • Sara Lopus and Margaret Frye (equal authorship). (2020) "Intra-marital status differences across Africa's educational expansion," Journal of Marriage and Family, 82(2): 733-750. 
  • Margaret Frye and Sara Lopus (equal authorship). (2018) “From privilege to prevalence: Contextual effects of women’s schooling on African marital timing,” Demography, 55(6): 2371-2394. **Article of the Year Award, ASA Family Section**
  • Sara Lopus, Paul McCord, Drew Gower, and Tom Evans. (2017) “Drivers of farmer satisfaction with small-scale irrigation systems,” Journal of Applied Geography, 89: 77-86.
  • Sara Lopus. (2017) “Relatives in residence: Relatedness of household members drives schooling differentials in Mozambique,” Journal of Marriage and Family, 79(4): 897-914.
  • Sara E. Lopus, Maria Paz Santibanez, Robert H. Beede, et al. (2010) “Almond growers’ nutrition programs are assessed and compared with theoretical best management practices,” California Agriculture, 64(3): 149-154.

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