Maliha Zulfacar


  • Global Ethnic Conflicts
  • Global Origins of the U.S. Ethnicity
  • Gender, Globalization, and Democratization
  • Immigration from a Comparative Perspective
  • Political Economy of Global Immigration

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  • Ph.D., Magna Cum Laude, Department of Scociology, Paerborn University, Germany (1997)
  • Dissertation: A Comparative Analysis of Immigration Policy and Its Influence on Immigrants Residing in Germany and in the United States
  • M.S., Community Health Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • M.A., Sociology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • Thesis: The Impact of Land Reform on the Social Structure of Developing Nations (Mexico as a case study)
  • B.A., Sociology/Anthropology and Minor Demography, Western College for Women, Oxford, OH


Courses Taught

  • ES 322: Asian American Cultural Images
  • ES 212: Global Origins of US Culture


Recent Publications


  • 1998: Afghan Immigrants in the USA and Germany: A comparative Analysis of the Use of Ethnic Social Capital. Lit Publication. Germany


  • 2002: Reflection: Gendering the Reconstruction of Afghanistan. Women, Religion and Public Policy. Harvard University. John F. Kennedy School of Government.
  • 2001: The Pendulum of Gender Politics in Afghanistan. In review.
  • 2001: The German Educational System and the Newly Arrived Immigrants. Institut fur Kirche und Gesellschaft. Iserlohn. 2001.


  • Documentary: Guftugo: An Interview with Afghan Villagers. 2000.
  • Documentary: Kabul 2002. In process.


  • Distinguished Teaching Award: 2000-2001
  • Outstanding Faculty Award for College of Liberal Arts: 2000-2001
  • President's Community Service Award: 2002
  • California Faculty Association Distinguished Award: 2002

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