Joan S. M. Meyers

Joan Meyers

Associate Professor, Department Chair

Phone: (805) 756-1249

Spring quarter office hours:

Tu 1:10-3 hybrid office/Zoom

W 4:10-5 hybrid office/Zoom

Th 10:10-11 hybrid office/Zoom

Office: Bldg 47, Rm 13-D




PhD, Sociology, UC Davis
MA, Sociology, UC Davis
MA, Women & Gender Studies, San Francisco State
B.A., English, Cornell University 


  • Organizations and work
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Race/class/gender
  • Worker ownership
  • Workplace democracy
  • Qualitative methods 

Courses Taught

  • SOC 110: Comparative Societies
  • SOC 354: Qualitative Methods
  • SOC 395: Sociology of Complex Organizations
  • SOC 421: Social Theory
  • SOC 423: Gender and Work

Selected Publications

Meyers, J. S. M., Pinto, S., Schlachter, L. H., & Prushinskaya, O. (2024). A New Generation of Worker Cooperatives. In B. D. Christens (Ed.), Cambridge Handbook of Community Empowerment (pp. 415 - 437). Cambridge University Press.

Meyers, J. S. M. (2023). Want Gender Egalitarian Workplaces? Worker Co-ops can Help. The Gender Policy Report. May 10

Meyers, J. S. M. (2022). Participatory Bureaucracy: Addressing Gender Inequality in Worker Cooperatives. Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity, 11(1), 23-54.

Meyers, J. S. M. (2022). Working Democracies: Reducing Inequality with Participatory Democracy and Pluralist Worker Identity. Work in Progress: Sociology on the Economy, Work and Inequality. August 18, 2022.

Meyers, J. S. M. (2022.) Working Democracies: Managing Inequality in Worker Cooperatives, ILR Press, an imprint of Cornell University Press.

Carberry, E. J., & Meyers, J. S. M. (2017). Are the "Best" Better for Everyone? Demographic Variation in Employee Perceptions of Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For". Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal, 36(7), 647-669.

Meyers, J. S. M., & Vallas, S. P. (2016). Diversity Regimes in Worker Cooperatives: Workplace Inequality under Conditions of Worker Control. The Sociological Quarterly, 57(1), 98-128.

Meyers, J. S. M. (2013). Alternative Organizations and Cooperatives. In V. Smith (Ed.), Sociology of Work: An Encyclopedia (pp. 3-7). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Meyers, J. S. M. (2011). Employee Ownership, Democratic Control, and Working-Class Empowerment. In E. J. Carberry (Ed.), Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism: New Directions in Research (pp. 113-145). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

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