Amanda Wood

Amanda is Amanda Wooda Senior Account Executive with Old Republic Home Protection and has been with the organization since 2009. She proudly serves the real estate community on the Central Coast of California including San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

Amanda is largely responsible for business development and collaborates with Realtors and other ancillary professionals to provide education about home warranty and related topics for the benefit of the homeowners they serve.

Amanda maintains strong product and industry knowledge, is known for excellent communication and presentation skills, relational and consultative selling, a cooperative approach to problem solving and is respected for her authenticity and strong work ethic. She's received several awards for her dedication and commitment to service excellence and sales leadership.

With over 10 years of experience liaising in dynamic work environments amid a wide range of people from different backgrounds, coupled with the surge in foreign real estate investment in the U.S., Amanda is keenly aware of the importance of cultural intelligence, tolerance and diplomacy and feels that her education in social science, having offered much insight into human society and social relationships, broadened her world view and better prepared her for work in an increasingly globalized world.

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