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Kimberly B. Higuera
(619) 395-3761¨ ¨


Stanford University
Ph.D., Sociology 2023
Dissertation: Migrating Money: The Social Status Repercussions of US-Mexico Remittances
Dissertation Committee: Tomás Jiménez (chair), Michael Rosenfeld,
Cecilia Ridgeway, Mark Granovetter

M.P.P, Public Policy, 2023

Duke University

B.A., Sociology, with honors, 2014
Minor in Child Research Policy
Minor in Latinx Studies and the Global South


Transnationalism * Migration * Race and Ethnicity * Sociology of the Family * Sociology of Health * Economic Sociology * Inequality * Social Policy


Higuera, Kimberly, and Tomás R. Jiménez. 2023. “Mechanism Mapping: A Qualitative Study of How Different Forms of Instability Mediate the Relationship between Legal Status and Immigrant Mental Well-Being.” Social Science & Medicine 329:116034. doi:

Higuera, Kimberly. 2022. “On Measuring Immigrant Income.” Contexts 21(3): 60–63.

El-Banna, Ghida, Kimberly Higuera, and Fernando S. Mendoza. 2021. “The Intergenerational Health Effects of the DACA Program on Families With Mixed Immigration Status.”
Academic Pediatrics. doi: 10.1016/j.acap.2021.07.016.

Santellano, Karina, Kimberly Higuera, and Felicia Arriaga. 2020. “Latina Educators in Sociology: Combating Trumpism with Critical Pedagogy.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. doi: 10.1177/2332649220977569.

Higuera, Kimberly. 2020. “The Privilege of Social Distancing.” Contexts 19(4):22–25. doi: 10.1177/1536504220977930.

Salganik, Matthew J., …Kimberly Higuera…and Sara McLanahan. 2020. “Measuring the
Predictability of Life Outcomes with a Scientific Mass Collaboration.” PNAS. doi:


Higuera, Kimberly and Tomás R. Jiménez. “Nested Instability: Migration, Legal Status and Household Change complicate the Undocumented Experience.” doi:10.31235/
(Paper available as Pre-print)

Higuera, Kimberly. “The Immigrant Linguistic Maturation of Asian American and Latinx Language Brokers.” doi:10.31235/ (Under Review at Sociology Compass) (Paper available as Pre-print)

Higuera, Kimberly. “Examining the Remittance Rebound: Immigrants Sustain the US-Mexico Remittance Corridor despite COVID-19 Hardship.” (In Preparation)


Higuera, Kimberly, Garrett Jensen and Emily Morton. 2021. “Effects of the Male Community
Reentry Program (MCRP) on Recidivism in the State of California”. Prepared for: California
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR): 1-54. (Equal authorship)


* Parentheses denote expected talks and presentations

“Examining the Remittance Recovery: How Immigrants Maintained the US-Mexico 2022
Remittance Corridor Despite COVID-19 Hardship” Association for Public
Policy Analysis & Management, Washington, D.C.

“Reciprocidad Diferida and Determining the (Il)Legitimate Remittance Receiver” 2022
Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples (ERIP) Conference, Mexico City,
Mexico. (Unable to attend)

“Asian American and Latinx Language Brokers Blur the Boundaries of Class, 2022
Childhood & Adulthood.” American Sociological Association, Los Angeles, CA.

“Learning a new land while learning a new family: Cumulative Instability in the Families 2020 of DACA and Undocumented Immigrants in the United States.” American Sociological Association, Remote.

“Precocious: How Language Brokers Blur the Boundaries of Class, Childhood & 2020
Adulthood.” Society for the Study of Social Problems, San Francisco, CA.
(Unable to attend)

“Language Brokers Blur the Boundaries of Class, Childhood & Adulthood.” Chicago 2020
Ethnography Conference, Chicago, IL. (Unable to attend)

“Learning a new land while learning a new family: Cumulative. Instability in the Families 2018
of Liminal Immigrants in the US.” Society for the Study of Social Problems,
Philadelphia, PA.

“Compound Transitions: Disruption and Re-composition in Underground Immigrant 2018
America.” Stanford-Berkeley Conference, Stanford, CA


APPAM Equity and Inclusion Student Fellowship 2022
E&I Student Fellow, $600

DARE Project Funding 2022
Funding for “Public And Inclusive Scholarship” Speaker Event, $1,200

Stanford Center on Teaching and Learning 2021
Graduate Course Design Institute Certification

Sociology Ph.D. Dissertation Research Opportunity Fund 2021
SRO Awardee, $5,000

Diversifying Academia Recruiting Excellence Doctoral Fellowship Program 2021 - 2023
DARE Doctoral Fellow, $133,528
Mentee to Dr. Shelley Correll

Clayman Institute for Gender Research 2021 - 2022
Graduate Dissertation Fellow, 47,058 (Unable to accept)

Preparing Future Professors Program 2020 - 2021
Preparing Future Professors Fellow
Mentee to Dr. Melissa Michelson, Menlo College

El Centro Chicano y Latino 2020
Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

King Center on Global Development 2020 - 2023
Graduate Student Research Funding, Exploratory Award recipient, $3,500
Graduate Student Research Funding, Advanced Award recipient, $8,000

Morris B. and Edna Zale Foundation 2019 - 2020
Zale Fellow, $5,000

El Centro Chicano y Latino 2018 - 2020
Graduate Scholar In-Residence, $2,000

VPGE Diversity Innovation Fund Grant 2018 - 2022
Grant Author and Awardee, $6,000

Immigration Policy Lab 2017 - 2019
Graduate Collaborative Research Fellow, $3,500

Haas Center for Public Service 2017 - 2018
Graduate Public Service Fellow, $3,000

Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) 2016 - Present
Doctoral Fellow, $7,000

Ida Harper Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research 2014
Awardee for Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Center for Child and Family Policy 2013 - 2014
Jacqueline Morris Undergraduate Honors Fellow, $500


Principal Investigator, Stanford University

Stanford Sociology Department, Dissertation Project “Migrating Money: The 2020 – Present
Social Status Repercussions of US-Mexico Remittances”

Public Policy Practicum Researcher, Stanford University

CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Stanford Public Policy 2019 – 2020
Practicum, The Impact of Participation in California’s MCRP on Recidivism

Principal Investigator, Duke University

Duke Sociology Department, “Impact of Language Brokering on Chinese 2013 – 2014
American and Mexican American Women”

Collaborative Research Fellow, Stanford University

Stanford Immigration Policy Lab, “The Intergenerational Reach of the DACA Program", 2017 – 2019

Graduate Public Service Fellow, Stanford University

Stanford Haas Center for Public Service, EPASA Parental Survey 2017 – 2018
and Program Evaluation

Research Assistant, Duke University

Duke Center for Child and Family Policy, “The Durham Child Health Census” 2014 – 2015

NC Department of Health and Human Services, Duke Sanford School of Public 2013 – 2014
Policy, “Resource Families: Profile and Recommendations to Bolster

Wilbourn Infant Lab at Duke (WILD), “Dual Language Immersion Classrooms 2013
in Durham Public Schools”


* Denotes class taught fully online

Teaching Assistant, Stanford University
Public Policy 103, “Ethics of Truth in a Post-Truth World” * 2020

Sociology 202, “Preparation for Senior Research” 2020

Urban Studies 203, “Senior Seminar” 2019

Sociology 204, “Capstone Research Seminar” 2019

Bing Honors College, “Sociology & Urban Studies” 2019

Sociology 245, “Race and Ethnic Relations in the US” 2019

Sociology 202, “Preparation for Senior Research” 2019

Sociology 204, “Capstone Research Seminar” 2018

Sociology 8, “Sport, Competition, and Society” 2018

Guest Lecturer, Stanford University 2019
Urban Studies 203, “Senior Seminar”
“Qualitative Data Analysis” Guest Lecture

Guest Lecturer, Menlo College 2021
Political Science 351, “Latinx Politics” *
“Mobilizing Latinx Voters” Guest Lecture
“Latinx Transnational Politics” Guest Lecture

Writing Tutor, Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, Stanford University Present
Appointment-Based Writing Tutor
“Multi-Modal Writing Through Podcasting” Workshop Designer with Emily Southernton


Health Affairs Journal 2021

Graduate Student Senior Project Advisor 2020
Senior Project Advisor to Undergraduate Students in the Comparative
Studies of Race and Ethnicity program.

Graduate Student Honors Advisor 2019 - 2020
Honors Thesis Project Advisor students in the Comparative
Studies in Race and Ethnicity program, in the Sociology
department, and the Urban Studies

DAIS – Diversity and Inclusion in Sociology 2018 - 2022
Founding Member

EDGE – Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education 2018 - Present
EDGE Mentor

El Centro Chicano y Latino 2018 - 2020
Frosh Scholars Program Mentor

ASGS - Association of Sociology Graduate Students 2016 - 2022
Diversity and Inclusion Representative
First Year Representative

El Kilombo Community Center 2014 - 2015
Volunteer ESL teacher for adult community members

Mi Gente Latinx Cultural Group 2013 - 2014
Community Interactions Chair


  • American Sociological Association (ASA)
  • Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM)
  • Pacific Sociological Association (PSA)

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