Archaeology Club Visits Carizzo Plains Painted Rock

Cal Poly's Archaeology Club visited Carizzo Plains Painted Rock site for their first field trip in club history! Students drove past herds of cattle, through rolling green hills until they reached the plain. While the club had planned to embark on a quick 0.5-mile hike, due to the storms, the road to the Painted Rock was untraversable and students had to set out on foot on a 6-mile journey to the painted rock and back. It was a crisp, clear day, so spirits remained high, and students felt energized and motivated to reach the impressive rock formation. Once there, they observed layers of historical graffiti (carved names of early settlers and ranchers) overlying classic Chumash rock art motifs. The first Archaeology Club field trip was deemed a huge success and the club plans to embark on more as the year progresses. If you are interested in archaeology and would like to join the club, please reach out to club president, Zoe Levit at!


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