Social Sciences Internships

Cal Poly offers course credit for supervised work experience related to a student's coursework and concentration. Student internships in the social sciences offer excellent opportunities for Cal Poly students to Learn by Doing in the fields of anthropology, geography, and sociology.

Internships provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to real-world professional challenges. Student interns also provide employers with capable, motivated, task-oriented employees that bring valuable skills to a business or organization, and may become future employees.

The Social Sciences Department has developed relationships with a multitude of agencies and businesses in the non-profit, private and government sectors. On this webpage, students and internship supervisors can find all of the information and forms necessary to get started.

Please see our Internship Guidelines and a full list of Anthropology and Geography Internships and Sociology Internships.

Internship Checklist

Assignment Submitted by Submitted when
Internship Contract: Student Quarter before internship
Employer/supervisor letter on official letterhead, verifying details of internship. Employer Quarter before internship
Employer Internship Evaluation Employer By finals week of internship quarter

Student Internship Evaluation: 

Student By finals week of internship quarter

Course Credit, Grades and Hours

Internships may be completed any time during the year, including Summer. The student enrolls in SOCS 440 (Internship) in the academic quarter while working. Students who complete work during the Summer enroll and receive credit in the following Fall quarter.

The student may enroll in 3 to 8 units per quarter, repeatable up to a total of 3 quarters with a maximum of 18 units. Up to 12 units of internship may be used in the concentration. The University requires a minimum of 3 hours per week for each unit of academic credit. A student must complete 120 hours to receive 4 units of credit. Internships are graded credit-no-credit.

Work Hours

3 9   90
4 12 = 120
5 15 = 150
6 18 = 180
7 21 = 210
8 24 =


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